Secure and reliable web hosting solutions

1 Our stack

1.1 Hardware : dedicated servers

We provide colocation on dedicated servers for every solution. We get better performances and less complexity on real hardware compared to virtual machines. Less complexity means less bugs and exploits.

1.2 Operating system : OpenBSD

The best operating system we found for a secure website is OpenBSD. It is simple, follows UNIX principles and is more secure than other operating systems out of the box.

OpenBSD provides OpenSSH, OpenNTPd, unbound, pf, and a very strong network stack.

1.3 HTTP server : Nginx

The best HTTP server we found is nginx. It is robust and minimalistic like the rest of the system.

1.4 Application layer

We support Ruby, Elixir, PHP, Common Lisp and C/C++ hosting. We can provide maintenance (security upgrades), security audits and feature development for these languages too.

2 Pricing

Pricing starts at 200€ per month.

3 Process

Hosting needs are evaluated on a per project basis. Please contact us for further discussion about your project.

After discussion and setup we provide a private SSH access so you can deploy your application from Git.